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You can earn discount vouchers to  sponsor their relatives, friends or colleagues  in our site! Interesting, is not it? enjoy to buy our products at reduced prices. 

The value of the vouchers are 10% of your friend or friends buy. 
no limit, full transparency.  
Do not forget that they also benefit from 10% discount on your purchase . 

How do? very simple...

  • Simply create a customer account or if you are already our customer, log into your account and click on  "Affiliate Program or Sponsorship Program" , here you can choose to send emails, share via social networks or publish directly.
  •  If any of them to sign up will be considered his godson. You will benefit from a 10% discount voucher when this place your first order. 

    Important information: the coupon discount which won for his godson be credited to your account just 21 days after your first purchase, subject to the cancellation of the purchase. 
  • There is another way to sponsor? They propose accessing our store  (www.101-idees-fashion.com)  and open an account. Do not forget to send your e-mail so that they introduce the email from "my sponsor" option at registration.

If not any discount voucher on your customer account, please send an e-mail.

Sponsor your friends and receive a reward of 10% for every friend who makes a order on this site. He will receive one (10% voucher) after registration, and he can use it immediately.


"Sponsorship Program for blogs and professional"
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