"Sponsorship Program for blogs, websites and professional"

101 idees Sponsorship Program for blogs, websites and professional

What’s Our Affiliate Program - store online 101 idees fashion mode

Make your web traffic earn money for you. It means that, you don’t need a website and can earn money without having to sell anything actually! It’s easy to make money with our affiliate program.

You can promote 101 idees fashion mode products on your website, blog or social networks and receive commission on any sale you successfully - Click here to register now!

Attention: at the time of registration on our website, in observations, inform us that you want to join our affiliate program for professionals, (we advise sending an email to us informing you that you have already registered)


Why Choose Us?


1. We offer high commission rates. The more sales you generate, the more money you will earn.

2. Free and easy, you will have a panel where you will see the list of your godchildren and commissions earned.

3. Fast delivery of orders.

4. You receive your commissions whenever you want, as long as you reach the minimum amount established

5. Payout by paypal without added costs

6. You earn commissions from the same godson, up to the first 3 orders. 4 levels of rewards.

7. have access to vouchers to encourage purchase and easily earn more money

8. We ship orders to all countries


How to register in the affiliate / Referral program?


1. Register (or Sign in) a customer account on our website and get in touch to activate the PRO affiliate program.

2. Once accepted by our moderators, you will get your own links and discount vouchers.

Attention: when registering on our website, in the comments, let us know that you want to participate in our affiliate program for professionals (we advise you to send an email informing us that you have already registered)


How much will I earn?

You will earn 10% of the amount paid by customers, in the first 3 purchases. We also have 4 levels of affiliate available.

Affiliate program

- you earn 10% on all products sold, even if the customer has purchased another product.

(the amount is available in your customer account when the order is delivered to the customer, then you can make a withdrawal request and wait up to 15 days to receive your money.)

- Minimum balance for payout: 25 euros

- Payment Methods: Paypal available to all customers, bank transfer only available to Europe.

- In case of cancellation of the purchase or return of the order, the rewards won will be canceled.

- It is not allowed to use the discount code for your own purchases.

- rewards paid only to attract new customers

- the voucher offered to the customer can only be used once per customer